Back to San Diego

Yup, not the most exciting of posts, but after getting very sick I am back in San Diego.  Rather than ruin this with bad news, lets begin with something positive, lets start with a post about freedom.  Remember Plaxico Burress, the guy who caught the game winning touchdown from Superbowl MVP Eli Manning to propel the NY Giants to a 17-14 victory over the Pats…well he was unjustly framed and sent away for a couple years but today that man is now finally free!  Welcome back Plaxico.  That catch was so devastating to Tom Brady that aside from all the crying I have previously mentioned, Brady actually faked a season ending knee injury 7 minutes into the beginning of the following season just to avoid having to face the deadly Eli-Plax combo again.  For that, I thank you Plax.

18-1 Bitches

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