Guatemala to Honduras: El Florido Crossing

1.) Cancel Guatemalan Vehicle Import/
2.) Get Guatemalan exit stamp, and head for Honduras.
3.) Import Vehicle into Honduras. (35 USD)
4.) Get Honduran stamp in Passport.


This part is easy, 1st drive through the gate and park right after the gate on the left side, go up to the office on the left and get your vehicle import cancelled, and yes, the guy will make the photocopies for you.  He didn’t copy my license though, and I ran out of photocopies so that bit me in the ass a little later, but overall it was easy.  Next walk 15 feet to the exit window and get your exit stamp from Guatemala.  Now drive about 100 feet into Honduras and park in front of the Aduana.  Enter the door in the center to import your vehicle into Honduras.  It was about 7:30 when I got in here, and no one was around.  Knowing this is Central America I stay patient and relax inside.  After 10 minutes I entered the other part of the building to ask the officer in charge of passport stamps if the vehicle portion was open even though I knew it was open, but really politely letting him know I could use some help in there.  Eventually the woman comes, asks for my photocopies, and gives me a disgusted look when I don’t have one for the license.  The photocopy machine is literally behind her seat so I put my license on her desk, but she asks me to wait outside while she chats with some guy who is probably her husband.  I am waiting outside assuming she is delaying until she can say she is closed since its now around 8:20.  10 minutes later a different guy shows up and helps me out, makes my copy and fills out my forms.  I paid 35 dollars for the import (in US dollars even though I had Limperas, it would have cost the same, so I wanted to save them) I then walked over to the section next door and got my passport stamped and was ready to enter Honduras, boom another cake walk, and I didn’t have to pay 400 USD.

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