Honduras to Nicaragua: Las Manos Crossing

1.) Exit stamp from Honduras (3.50 USD)
2.) Cancel Vehicle Importation.
3.)Entry stamp for Nicaragua.
4.) Nicaraguan Importation Vehicle Permit. (12 USD)
5.) Purchase mandatory insurance. (12 USD)


This border couldn’t have been very bad, I barely even remember crossing it, though I do remember a long as wait for such a simple process.  Should have written things down sooner, but here are the basics.  1st. there will be trucks everywhere.  Snake your way through them and continue as far as you can, you will see the orange (I believe) immigration and customs building on the left, along with helpers who you do not need. The farther window, on the right is Migration, here you get your exit stamp for Honduras, I was charged 3.50 USD, fees vary slightly from other accounts.  I then exchanged money, and went to the window on the left to cancel my Vehicle Import Permit.  Drive over to Nicaragua and begin the reverse process, believe the building is again on the left.  Looking at the building migration is on the right way down on the end, where you get your tourist card or stamp.  I had to pay the 12 dollars here for some reason, they paid it at the aduana.  I also had to get fumigated before doing this, which was across the street.  I do not recal if there was a fee, but you should do this first if they tell you to.  This is where the process came to a halt.  I was second in line, but it takes forever.  While waiting I had the guy who sells insurance fill out my forms so I could get that out of the way, which saved me some time, though not much.  I paid 12 USD for one month.  Still waiting to take care of my Vehicle Import, I bet it was an hour, I finally get to the window to do the paperwork.  I then take the paperwork to the inspectors, they were waiting around my vehicle, not hard to find.  They take a look around and sign the form, and I pop back to the same window, cutting in front so the lady can sign and complete, which takes 1 minute.  You are then done, but will need to show your papers and possible have another inspection or two before they let you leave.  I also had two separate guys asking if I could take them to Managua, but I wasnt going that way.


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