Baja Cali to Mainland Mexico: La Paz to Mazatlan Ferry

This ones easy:
1.) Purchase tickets directly at Ferry Dock.  (210 USD)


 FerryTMC:  I took this ferry rather than the BajaFerries boat we took last time as you have access to your vehicle.  Neither ferry is necessarily nice, though though they are not terrible, but its much better to chill and to sleep in your vehicle on the overnight trip assuming you live in your vehicle while traveling.  The ferry departs at 5pm, make sure you go early for your ticket I think they loaded me on at 2 which is rediculously early, and arrives in Mazatlan around 10 am the next morning. Its costs 2800 Pesos (210 USD) for myself and the van, I believe any vehicle up to 5 meters.  As I did not need to head north to Los Mochis (Topolobampo) again it was better to head to mazatlan.  The trip to Los Mochis departs around 4pm, and arrives around 11 pm or 12 am so keep that in mind, not a bad area, but not a great area either, especially to arrive in the dead of night if you have never been there.