“Is he pointing his gun at me?”

“Is he pointing his gun at me?” I asked Paul, not 10 minutes into our drive around Mazatlan Mx.  Now by gun I mean automatic rifle,and by him I mean GI I Joe, Cobra Commander, full on SWAT style Mexican Military Officer, with the mask and goggles and all.  I figured I was driving the wrong way down a one way street for the 4th time (the 3 times were unmarked roads I swear!), but no, this time I was going the right way, and at the same time straight towards 3 trucks full of these guys with automatic rifles.  As my instincts kicked in I quickly turned to the left down the nearest path of escape.  Whew, that was a close one.  We are not sure what they had the road blocked for, but they certainly do not f around here.  Maybe I should let Paul start driving, I do not like being in the cross hairs of the Mexican, no check that, of any military personnel.  We will see what the rest of Mazatlan has in store for us tomorrow.

One of these guys…not my pic, I will not be pointing anything at these guys


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“Is he pointing his gun at me?” I ask

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