Thank You Ray Kroc…and Whoever Invented Spring Break

As you probably could guess from Kiel’s last post, we did finally meet up, although, I’m not sure we’re any safer.  Anyway, I was able to get an email from Kiel asking to meet up at McDonald’s (the only landmark we would both surely know), which was basically right across the street from the hotel where I was unceremoniously dropped off the night before. Oddly, he sent the email from McDonald’s, where there is free Wi-Fi, not knowing I was two minutes away. Continue reading

Oh Cabo, My Cabo

Odd, I was just here a few months ago. Back again though, and not a moment too soon. After breaking my lease, selling my car (thanks Timm!), tossing/donating a ton of crap I didn’t need and selling my broken down couch to a Guatemalan in a beat up old pickup truck, I’ve become a free man unencumbered by most of life’s trappings. Continue reading