Thank You Ray Kroc…and Whoever Invented Spring Break

As you probably could guess from Kiel’s last post, we did finally meet up, although, I’m not sure we’re any safer.  Anyway, I was able to get an email from Kiel asking to meet up at McDonald’s (the only landmark we would both surely know), which was basically right across the street from the hotel where I was unceremoniously dropped off the night before. Oddly, he sent the email from McDonald’s, where there is free Wi-Fi, not knowing I was two minutes away.

The Hubba Hubba set up with the Astro


View from a rocky outcrop

Alas, we were set to meet at three, so I had some time to kill. What does one do with time to kill in Cabo San Lucas during spring break? Go to the nearest bar and ask for two of the three shot/three beer special for $10! Better make that one, since it was only 11 am and I need to pace myself for the next six months.  Then I realized I’m thirty, so I got a bottle of water, 30 spf sunscreen and sat on the beach for a few hours.

I rolled into McDonald’s at two thirty so I could have enough time to grab a 10 piece McNugget (who doesn’t have a soft spot for McNuggets?) and at almost three exactly, Kiel rolled in. Success! I explained what happened the night before and we headed back to the hotel to regroup and figure out our plan of action. Apparently, Kiel’s plan was to dive headlong into the spring break madness and it didn’t take much convincing on his part to get me to agree.

Not a bad first sunset

So we went to all the typical Cabo San Lucas bars, including Squid Roe, Cabo Wabo, Giggling Marlin, and the Pink Kitty Nightclub.  During the evening we saw the following: (1) a man propose to his girlfriend on stage at Cabo Wabo (she sheepishly said yes), (2) a woman north of 45 having body shots taken off her by college kids (also Cabo Wabo), (3) a contortionist who was twisting himself into pretzels and dancing with a mop at Pink Kitty, (4) a Mexican wrestler in nothing but a blue cape, mask, boots and tighties jumping on things (unknown bar) and (5) a near fight in the middle of the main thoroughfare in front of Squid Roe. All in all, it was a fairly eventful night.


I hope I never have a girl…

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me to capture any of these images, so you’ll just have to believe me. This taught me a lesson though, and when we ventured out again a couple nights later, I did bring my camera and was able to get some good images of the college age female human in her natural state during spring break: dancing on a bar. Oh, to be in college again.

In the intervening days between spring break adventures, we hung out on a beach about 30 kilometers north of Cabo off Route 19.  This is one of the main reasons I decided to do this trip.  Empty beaches, few people, waves crashing, clear night skies, sleeping in the tent.

A full moon on the first night camping made me want to read Twilight

It was everything I had been looking forward to. I got to lounge around for a few days, helped Kiel with the van, read This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald, talked to the guys leading horseback riding tours and walked on the beach.  Not a bad couple of days.  But, we would be on the road again soon, making the short trip to La Paz to catch the ferry to Topolobampo on the mainland.

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