The Route

This trip is constantly evolving, and while there are no concrete dates or destinations, more time will be spent in Central America than originally planned due to the surf, IF I can handle the heat of a Central American summer.  I still hope to hit a bit of everything, but that surfing bug is tough to shake.  I will update this page as I go with the actual route taken.  South America may or may not happen at this point, stay tuned!

The Red line is the approximate route Paul and I took in 2011.  The two dots at the bottom were the end point, nothing was cut off from the map.

The Blue line is the current 2012 trip.  This map will continually be updated as the trip progresses.

Baja California:

Mainland Mexico:






A must have for any overlander, a SPOT Messenger Device.  Not only does the GPS track your location, but you can hit a button that tells your mom you are ok, even if she’ll never believe it.  There is also a 911 button if things go wrong, so eventually help can arrive, and it works for a reasonable yearly fee in just about any place on earth.  I do not get any money for anything on this site, no ad, no sponsers, nothing…so If I say something works for me it is a personal opinion which I think other overlanders will benefit from.  SPOT, its just one of those safety tools that is a must have for such a cheap fee.

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